Robin’s Nest

We have a robin’s nest right above our porch light by our back door. Each morning as she was building the nest, she was flying back and forth and could be seen with various items to create this nest. Mud was part of this and at one time there was a spot of mud on the window that is next to our door.

She zipped back and forth which was great entertainment for our indoor cat. I stepped outside once to look at the nest and she left. She flew to a telephone wire and sat there and chirped as if to say don’t disturb my nest. She is now finished with it as far as I can tell. I am sure eggs are either there now or will be soon. I am sure putting up with us leaving will be disruptive, but we don’t do it that often just to come and go when we are leaving the house.

I read moving the nest would mean she would abandon it. So we will keep it there. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see the eggs as the top of the nest is very close to the over hang from the gutter. Yes, I tried. She wasn’t too happy. Now we have a poop spot on the window that I need to clean up. Ah, the joys of having visitors living outside your home.


As an added zip. I saw a fox zipping buy along the sidewalk across the street. I did not have time to get a picture, but he sure was beautiful from what I saw. It’s an entertaining time at our household.

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If I am your friend then why did you say
Such hurtful words that have grieved me this way
I thought we were close how dishonest it seems
That you didn't tell me when it first came to be.

Your words were like arrows spoken without love
You moved right along as if it never was
The pain that I feel as I live on each day
Is too much to bear keeping me at bay.

Deep in my heart now a longing is sore
I shared my pain from the depths of core
I have forgiven with words, but I have much more to say
I know it will happen I just need to pray.

For now let me pick the time when it's right
Until I can say the words that I might
I fear of causing more damage than good
But I know I must say what only I could.

Whether we stay friends or not I am unsure
For now trust is broken and it seems there's no cure
I'm trusting in God to help me you see
Cause He's been the one who is guiding me.

©Kimberly Balles 2016  All Rights Reserved

I wrote from the perspective of a friend I hurt.  We had become very close, but issues on my end were surfacing and instead of discussing it with her I sent an email telling her what I was experiencing when I was with her.  She of course had taken it hard.  We have since met and it seems to be resolved, but I fear the pain is still there.  I am sure our relationship will look different from hear on out, but she still wants to be friends and does not seem to be holding a grudge.  I am grateful for her willingness to meet with me and discuss her hurts as well as allowing me to express my feelings about it.



The iridescent glow from the candle flickers about the room, drawing the eye to its center.  Like the candle that flickers due to the changes in how the wick burns, Jesus also seeks and searches for the dark places that need light.  After time though, the candle will be extinguished and forgotten.  How similar we can treat Jesus as we do a candle.  We snuff out the candle in our hearts and soul and walk away.  If we do not light the candle and allow him to shine his light in those dark places we keep hidden, our hearts will become hardened like the wax in the candle and like the wick our hearts become burnt and cold.  Without a match to spark the wick, the candle cannot burn and likewise we cannot burn without allowing our candle to be lit.  We cannot shine and radiate God’s love so that others can experience the flame within us.  Without a match a candle cannot be lit and burn for all to see and without allowing Jesus to soften our hearts by igniting a flame within us, we cannot begin to shine and radiate God’s love so that others can experience His love and mercy.  By allowing Jesus to light the flame our hearts soften and we radiate His love.  It comes at a price and we must allow Jesus to shine his light into our dark places.  Only then can we burn for him with a holy passion and fire within our soul.

©Kimberly Balles 2016 All Rights Reserved


Baby Girl

As a baby you’ll hold her close to your chest
And love her so dearly you’ll wish her the best.
Toddling and preschool she’ll venture away
But you will go find her and see her at play.

She’ll want to be carried and be by your side
So picking her up you’ll give her a ride,
Above all the people, the noise, and the crowd
Your arms will bring safety, so don’t let her down.

She’ll want to play dress up, wear makeup, and stuff
Dollhouses too, will keep her busy enough.
Drawing and coloring will bring her such fun
She’ll want you to join her so don’t go and run.  

School will bring her adventure and friends
The sleepovers it seems they never will end.
As she grows up the phone is her friend
Girls and boys will be her focus then.

Curves and hormones will change her anew
Individuation then is part of it too.
Boys will call and ask for a date
She’ll be so excited and won’t want to wait. 

Popularity will be her desire then
Maturity and wisdom will come in the end.
Someday she’ll marry and need your advice
Listening then is what you’ll provide.

Babies may come, a grandma you’ll be
You’ll hold them close and think fondly
Of days when you held her close to your side
And then great grand-babies to join in the ride.

Let her go and have her own life
God’s love will sustain her throughout all the strife.
For he has her close in the palm of his hand
Nothing will happen that’s not in His plan.

©Kimberly S. Balles 2006 All Rights Reserved

I wrote this for a friend who was having a baby shower.  It had been difficult 
relational circumstances.  So just hours before leaving for the baby shower I 
wrote this poem.  I knew it would touch her heart.  I keep in touch with her
now and then.  I her pictures of her daughter on Facebook and that is so cool.
Then I think of this poem and am reminded of that gift.  She was in tears as were 
many people there.  I never realized it would touch other people too.

The Painting

I couldn’t paint you a picture of what the painting meant to me.
Nor could I write you a sonnet with a wondrous melody.
I couldn’t write down my feelings just so you could know.
There isn’t time to truly explain what only God could know.

The timing, it was perfect and part of His big plan.
For only He could know the feelings I would have.
Of how I have struggled to really understand,
Why He let things happen and didn’t lend a hand.

Was He always there despite the tragedy?
Did He even care what really happened to me?
The painting shows me, how much He really cares
That even in the small things, He is always there.

To make something tragic into a beauty to behold
And give me insight into how much He loves me so.
You see I needed to visually see
The need inside of me

And so I thank you from the bottom of my heart
For trusting God and doing your part.
Thanks for giving me such a glorious gift,
The painting you have worked on it really, truly fits.

Kimberly Balles 2002  All Rights Reserved

My husband had asked a friend of his to paint a picture for me.  The painter normally paints nature so painting people was a challenge for him and he had to take some classes to learn it.  In the process of him learning how to paint people and as he trusted God to show him, I was going through my own experiences and the most recent before I received the painting was when our first cat passed away.  She was very dear to me and so my husband had asked him to include our cat in the painting.  The painting depicts a woman holding a cat and Jesus sitting next to her reaching toward her with his hand cupped as if to say he cared.  He is looking at her with tender compassion.  You see God cares even in the small things.  The painter used a picture from her last day of life and when I first saw it I wept.  It was as if God himself had touched my soul and showed me that he cared.  I was amazed at the amount of detail in the painting and surprised that he had to learn how to paint people.  I will forever be grateful to Jeff for his time and effort to paint the painting.


A Place

Is there a place to feel

To laugh, cry, shout for joy?

A place to be safe,

Stop hiding,



A place to learn,

To love,


And grow?

There is such a place!

Where Tears,




And Joy abound

Reflected on the faces of those  who have found

Stories and wounds carried deep in their hearts

Keeping them from feeling a part

Of life that’s worth living

Finding wholeness and healing.

Exposing defenses meant to protect

Teaching them how instead to detect

The truth that needs to replace all the lies

Providing relief and help for their lives

The hurts they are healed

Casting ripples to others as their truth is revealed

Forever impacting their future and all

Bringing healing to others beyond all these walls.

© Kimberly Balles 2007  Revised 2016 All Rights Reserved

This poem came out of my experience in group therapy.  The group became a container where we could feel and be real.  I learned that I have a lot of strength.  I also learned the places where I have blind spots.  People there showed me those areas that I needed to work on.  If they did not care they would not have said anything, but they did and for that I am forever grateful to each and every person that was part of my own healing journey.  It was my gift to one of the members when they left, but it was also my gift to the therapist that ran the center.  Sadly, he passed away almost a year ago and I miss him deeply.  He played a pivotal role in my healing journey.  Much of what I learned to be a therapist I learned by observing him.  I look forward to seeing him in Heaven where we can rejoice together.