Shimmer Like Diamonds

My favorite way of relaxing that I don’t get to do often is to sit by some water, a pond, lake, or ocean. At the ocean, I love seeing the waves crashing along the beach and hearing the rush of water as it splashes onto the beach leaving behind the marine life and their habitat. I love gazing over the water’s surface and seeing the reflection of the sun shimmering like sparkling diamonds. Watching as the sun sets at the end of the horizon at the end of a day is perhaps my most favorite part of spending time by the water.

The closest body of water near me is a man made pond. When I am at the pond, I enjoy watching the different birds that exist along the edge and in the water. Whether it is geese, ducks, seagulls, or herons, I admire their beauty and their ability to frolic and just be in the moment both on land in the water.

I find these very relaxing times and it rejuvenates me so I can feel like I can tackle another hard day. As I look at the pace of my life these past couple of months, I realize I am overdue for a time to sit and be in nature enjoying the moment without attacking my to do list that runs through my mind from the time I wake up until the time I sleep.

Yes, I am long overdue and it is time I take time for myself.

©Kimberly Balles 2017 All Rights Reserved.


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