Look the Other Way

A child is abused
Look the other way
Voices they are silenced
Look the other way

Those marks on her face
Look the other way
The yelling that you hear
Look the other way

Shootings are occurring
Look the other way
Murder in the city
Gangs are here to stay

Seniors are so lonely
Newspapers piled on each day
Though we start to wonder
We still look the other way

Homeless people begging
We look the other way
Despair upon their faces
We feel shame and guilt those days

HIV is rampant
In countries far away
We find ourselves so helpless
So we look the other way

With pleading eyes they seek
Some solace in our face
But rarely do we get involved
Instead we look away

Terrorists they kill
Innocent people die
Annihilating humans
For a cause they don’t deny

Refugees in crisis
Fleeing from their land
The homes that they loved
Bombed from wars at hand

Undocumented here
Pawns in the fight
Everyone claims
They know what is right

Trafficking of humans
Slaves they do become
Stuck in a nightmare of slavery
That has kept them so undone

Why does this happen?
We cry and exclaim
We point at each other
Upon each one we blame

We develop causes
To fight atrocities
Government gets involved
To help overseas

The horror all around us
Injustice and pain
Won’t somebody stop it?
Bring help to them again

Yet there’s people right here
Ignored by our eyes
Forgotten and unnoticed
Hidden and disguised

So do get involved
Volunteer if you care
You can’t help everyone
But someone needs you here

For if we work together
Changing lives today
We might just make a difference
And not look the other way

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