Spring is here
Flowers are blooming
Buds on the trees
Leaves will be blowing

Gone is the gray
Of the past wintertime
For Spring has arrived
Leaving doldrums behind

Children will soon
Frolic and play
Bringing joy and delight
To their parents each day

Walkers and joggers
Take to the bike trails and streets
Bicycles and motorcycles
Go faster than feet

And with each passing day
The sun does descend
Bringing bedtimes and cuddles
For the next day ahead

©Kimberly Balles 2017 All Rights Reserved.

via Daily Prompt: Gray

6 thoughts on “Gray

  1. These are orchids that I photographed at Chicago Botanic Gardens in their greenhouse. I do not know what variety/species though. A flower expert I am not, but I love taking pictures of them.


  2. Me either. The flowers at our house were here when we bought them and we have since planted small ones, but I don’t remember their names, but I do enjoy their beauty. I do know what a Hosta is, but had no idea there were different varieties. We have a lot of Hostas.


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