Robin’s Nest

We have a robin’s nest right above our porch light by our back door. Each morning as she was building the nest, she was flying back and forth and could be seen with various items to create this nest. Mud was part of this and at one time there was a spot of mud on the window that is next to our door.

She zipped back and forth which was great entertainment for our indoor cat. I stepped outside once to look at the nest and she left. She flew to a telephone wire and sat there and chirped as if to say don’t disturb my nest. She is now finished with it as far as I can tell. I am sure eggs are either there now or will be soon. I am sure putting up with us leaving will be disruptive, but we don’t do it that often just to come and go when we are leaving the house.

I read moving the nest would mean she would abandon it. So we will keep it there. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see the eggs as the top of the nest is very close to the over hang from the gutter. Yes, I tried. She wasn’t too happy. Now we have a poop spot on the window that I need to clean up. Ah, the joys of having visitors living outside your home.


As an added zip. I saw a fox zipping buy along the sidewalk across the street. I did not have time to get a picture, but he sure was beautiful from what I saw. It’s an entertaining time at our household.

via Daily Prompt: Zip

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