Avid Reader

I used to be an avid reader even while walking home from the bus stop in high school, a book in my hands, while engrossed in the story. I loved reading absorbed in the plot and imagining each scene in my head. Each page inviting me to explore what would happen next.

I still do love the smell of a new book, fresh pages ready to be opened, turned, and read. The crisp sound of a page being turned and a bookmark to insert for the next time. Reaching the end of the book and knowing I had completed it feels satisfying to me.

I miss those days of reading while walking. The slowness of the pace and no need to rush to get home. It was simply the joy of reading.

Here is a brief poem I wrote about avid readers. Hope you enjoy!

Avid Readers

The smell it is inviting
Of a newly store bought book
And with every page they turn
Comes a fresh and crisp new look

Reading with a fervor
Of each new book that’s read
Pages are a turning
Bringing images to their heads

For readers they do read
Many books upon their shelves
Collecting these fresh stories
Brings joy to themselves

And if you pay attention
You certainly will find
That a reader although quiet
Has a tender heart inside

@Kimberly Balles 2017 All Rights Reserved

via Daily Prompt: Avid


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