Pauses in Life

There is a pause in nature
Right before spring begins
An awaiting in expectancy
For plant buds to grow in

There is a pause in childbirth
Before a baby’s born
Parents eagerly anticipate
The emergence of their newborn

There is a pause in childhood
With each new age they turn
For we still need to teach them
What they need to learn

There is a pause in adulthood
A time we realize
For this is where we find out
What’s hidden deep inside

There is a pause in aging
A time for slowing down
For elderly don’t move fast
But wisdom they have now

There is a pause in dying
Reflecting on one’s life
Apologizing to others
For all the pain and strife

There is a pause that we need
A space for us to breathe
For in it we can hear
God’s still small voice indeed

Be still and Know that I am God

These pauses in our lives
Guide us through the years
Giving us new courage
And wisdom for our fears

So take a moment now
To breathe a breath or two
It could be what you need
To give you hope anew

©Kimberly Balles 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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9 thoughts on “Pauses in Life

  1. Thanks for liking something I wrote, I needed to go see the pause. I have to admit that I wanted to add, the paws… we have a few here that are pretty good at giving us pause. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. @darsword We have a cat and she gives us pause. A time to pause to pay attention to her needs ‘er begging. I pause to watch her clean her paws, because it is so cute. I hope you are enjoying your pause and paws today.


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