Myoclonic Seizure Symptoms

“You have Epilepsy.” Those three words changed my life at the age of 15. I did not understand it or know what the triggers were that could preempt a seizure. Obtaining information during that time in my life was not the same as it is today. I had to rely on doctors to educate me and give me the right medications.

I have not had a Grand Mal Seizure since my son was a baby, but I have had these jerking symptoms. What I learned with research is that these symptoms are called Myoclonic Seizures. I feel it in my body or my hands, my feet, or my whole body may jerk causing me to drop something or fall down. It is unsettling and embarrassing to have them happen. My body moves without my own ability to control it. They are occurring more than they used to so my neurologist is having me take some tests to see what is causing it.

On Tuesday, I experienced four small ones, one during the day and three in the evening. I had a late lunch and a lot of sugar in the evening. I started to wonder if that was a possible factor and so I conducted a little research. The John Hopkins Health Library http://www.hopkinsmedicine states that seizures can be triggered by low or high blood sugar levels. It was a relief to read that, because I had been trying to figure what could be causing this. It also means I can do something about it.

Epilepsy has many different triggers, such as sleep deprivation, caffeine, alcohol, stress, and not eating well. Everyone is different and narrowing down the causes helps me to identify what steps need to be taken to reduce the probability of having any kind of seizure. It is a continuous learning process for me and my doctor.

No matter the disease you have, do your own research, because you are the expert of your own body. Doctors are not with you everyday and they do not have the time to do the research on everything. Informing them of what you learned and being honest about your symptoms goes a long way to an effective treatment plan.

Wear purple on March 26, because it is Epilepsy Awareness Day.

Blessings,Proud Epilepsy Fighter


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