Flight of Starlings (Murmuration)

They spin and they twirl
The Starlings in flight
It’s a beauty and wonder
Such a dazzling sight

Their dance in the sky
Creates such a stir
How do they do it?
It seems so obscure

The wind and the noise
From their acrobatic flight
Is called a murmuration
Oh, what a delight

To watch it, you’d think
They were doing it for you
But alas they are only doing
What Starlings were made to do


©Kimberly Balles 2017 All Rights Reserved.

8 thoughts on “Flight of Starlings (Murmuration)

  1. How BEAUTIFUL !!! I am a bird watcher … our bird babies love our feeder and we love them … what a wonderful description of starlings in flight !!


  2. I love watching birds too and I can’t wait until spring comes and I see my first Robin spotting. Perhaps it is well worth the wait, because it brings anticipation within me.


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