Treasure or Parlay

Now I know why
A keeper she is
For the depression era
Is what she lived in

Saving then
Was important to them
Bath water was used
Again and again

We all think its clutter
It bothers us so
But for her it brings comfort
Making her feel whole

She sees beauty where I
Get distracted instead
Each piece is a treasure
Bound up in her head

They are a reminder
Of a moment in time
When it was a gift
Or purchased on a dime

So when I go there
To help in some way
I look past the clutter
Because for now she’s okay

Someday we will have to
Parlay it away
A treasure it will be
For someone else on that day

For now she’s our treasure
A mom who is loved
We are thankful each day
To the God up above


©Kimberly Balles 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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