Shattered Glass

It shattered! Glass splashed across the oak hardwood floor. Some pieces in chunks and others in very tiny bits. As the sunlight splayed onto the floor, speckles of glass glittered like diamonds leaving the tiniest of pieces sparkling as pretty as a freshly fallen snow. The glass bowl so precious from her wedding day was now a shattered mess like her marriage. How significant that it broke now on the same day she signed the divorce papers. He wasn’t returning, she knew that, but there had always been that spark of hope. It wasn’t until the crash of the glass that she realized how futile that hope had been. Now just like the glass she was left to pick up the pieces of her life and start over again. The glass pieces would be easier to do than the shattered and broken places of her heart, but try she must. As she walked to get the broom, she saw her reflection in the mirror and realized that perhaps it was a new day for her today. For with the breaking of the glass she finally felt free. Broken, but free. And perhaps someday a sparkle would permeate through every being of her body and she would glow as if ignited by an unseen spark. Only she would know it was because of the healing of her heart.


©Kimberly Balles Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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