Your Invitation

Wedding and baby showers
Bring abundant gifts
For the bride and the baby
To use as they wish

Sometimes they’re returned
And the giver won’t know
It is their choice
So don’t feel burned.

The giver believes
She gave the best gift
To receive an invitation
Is worth all the risk.

Whether buying online
Or shopping the mall
Considering prices
So budgets won’t fall.

Now one invitation
Stands out from the rest
It’s an invitation to join
Jesus’ fest

All are invited too
He’s waiting for you.
He won’t make you come
It’s your decision to

For He is patient and kind
Unlike no one on Earth
He’s hoping you’ll join Him
To experience new birth.

I won’t harp or bother
I won’t preach at you
I just want you to know
You are invited too.

My challenge to you
Is to get off the fence
And come for the ride
It’s the best thing you’ll do
With Jesus at your side.

© Copyright 2017 Kimberly Balles  All Rights Reserved.


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