The Greatest Hope in the World

The greatest hope in the world
Comes from going slow
It resides in your heart
And even in your soul.

It keeps a flame light burning
An ember sure to grow
It guides your every footstep
Helping you to know

That life is more than happenstance
A purpose just for you
You hold a future in you
That is ready to break through

So look to your creator
The one who’ll see you through
He is a source of comfort
When life is troubling you

Some know Him well and some do not
Yet he exists in hearts
Just waiting for one to open
To receive a brand new start.

So look for Him in people
Ask questions if you want
Don’t hesitate if you feel led
To hope in Him instead.

©Copyright Kimberly Balles  All Rights Reserved.

 The Greatest _______ in the World

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