Thought Unseen

It started with a simple thought
This could be your last time
And so I hugged him tightly
To help me feel fine

I know that must sound selfish
But hugs are mutual
For me it is my only child
And I do miss him too

For being a police officer
Carries dangers of all sorts
But in a district where gangs live
Now that’s a different course

So as I hugged him briefly
And squeezed him extra tight
It gave me extra comfort
For those feelings out of sight

The Marine Corps and the Academy
I’m sure they taught him well
But this mom just can’t help it
When the feelings start to swell

Because the truth is all it took
Was one small unseen thought
Of a fear I carry with me
About that unknown fraught

It may not seem a struggle
If you happen to be my friend
But inside I’m uncertain
Fearful it will never end

And as he walked away tonight
His frame so tall and lean
I have to trust his training
And know that he loves me

So now I place him in God’s hands
For He is in control
God has got his back for me
Which brings comfort to my soul.

©Kimberly Balles Beacons of Life 2017   All Rights Reserved.

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