Someday or Carpe Diem


Someday I will get in shape.  Someday I’ll get organized.  Someday I’ll finish those books I started writing.  Someday I’ll pursue a job in my field and not let fear hold me back.  Someday I’ll take a trip to Holland.  Someday I’ll fall in love with my husband all over again.   Someday we’ll have to downsize.   Someday my son may get married.  Someday I might have grandchildren.   Someday I may be taking care of my parents and someday they will die.  Someday I will plan my will and living will.  Someday I will face the end of my life or someday my husband will die first.  If I continue to live in someday I will have regrets,  because I wasn’t intentional in pursuing my someday every day.  I will realize that I let life happen and did not seize the day.  All because I told myself someday I will do those things I want to do.

How do I make someday into today?  I believe each day or moment is an opportunity to make decisions that propel me to the best future I can have.  I cannot wait for someday, because it will never come and eventually it will be too late.  Therefore, I choose to seize today or better yet seize the moment.  I will take time today, despite the hour to plan what I can do to get in shape and to pursue a job in my field.  And my plan will work, because the other someday plans are rewards for the days where I am feeling challenged that day.  Today is my someday and my hope for my future.  Time to seize the day!

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2 thoughts on “Someday or Carpe Diem

  1. Go for it! Start getting those resumes out rapid fire! You are ready for this, you trained for this and you will be great at it.


  2. This is a big challenge for many of us. How to turn wishes & hopes into reality? Can this hope be carried throughout the year, and not just a New Year’s resolution? Some people are able to do this well, at least in some areas of their lives.


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