Shame Lies Truth Believes

Shame tells me I'm unworthy. 
Truths says I'm worthy.
Shame tells me I'm weak.
Truth says I am strong.

Shame tells me to hide and put on a mask.
Truths says to be vulnerable and risk.
Shame tells me to shush.
Truth says to speak up.

Shame tells me don't ask.
Truth says to inquire.
Shame tells me I'm stupid.
Truth says I am smart.

Shame tells me I am alone.
Truths says not to stay home.
Shame tells me I won't be a counselor.
Truth says it was there from the start.

Shame tells me not to be sexy.
Truth says I can be graciously sexy.
Shame tells me to hide my writing inside.
Truth says to reveal and bring forth new life.

Shame focuses on self.
Truth offers help.

Shame causes death.
Truth brings life.
Shame hides.
Truth steps out.

Shame builds walls.
Truth breaks them down.
Shame distorts reality.
Truth reveals new meaning.

Shame becomes pride.
Truth is humble.
Shame lies.
Truth keeps me free.

Shame must now say goodbye.
Truth will now be by my side.

Copyright Kimberly Balles 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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