The Bridge


For 20 years, sometimes once a week sometimes twice a week, I crossed the same bridge.  It was no ordinary bridge, because this bridge led to healing and restoration for the mind and soul.  It was a bridge to wholeness and wellness.  The bridge was not the thing that brought this change, but it symbolizes the road and journey I have walked through.  The solid footing I had to take in order to stay grounded.  It became a source of rest for my wearied spirit.  I crossed it for the last time three weeks ago and that saddens me, because that means change is anew and I don’t like change.  Yet if I want change in my life, I must stop crossing the same bridge, because perhaps another bridge or path will bring me a new fresh perspective that I would not have seen otherwise.

Thank You Bridge you have served me well.  You have been a source of constant in a time when I was troubled.  You were solid and firm, painted in a beautiful vibrant red and every spring the new life around you brought your colors shining brighter through.  In summer the steps were lighter and the weight was easier, because the sun had brought with it vacations and breezes in the trees.  In fall, the downtrodden footsteps mixed with the rustle of the leaves brought reminders that life again was changing and a new season approaching.  One we humans do not necessarily love, but one that comes anyway.  And each winter the sound of heavy boots crossing you brought us one step closer to spring and new life.  Inside we were safe from the cold and stormy weather, but we waited expectantly for spring, sun, and growth.  With it came hope for better days and brighter tomorrows and we breathed.  We sighed.  For the wonder of wonders, the brightest tomorrow had finally arrived and it all happened in its own time.

And like the seasons, my healing could not be rushed.  New life never is rushed.  It needed time and care.   It takes nine months for a baby to develop inside a womb, 21 years for a human to grow from a baby to adulthood, and another life time of decades to experience new seasons and new life.  It took time, lots of time for me to heal, but from God’s perspective it was just a blink of his eyes.  It was painful, yet it has reaped so many benefits in my life and in those I touch around me.

So now I stand on my own bridge ready to cross into my future whatever that may be.  I know there will be new life and new beginnings and I want to be someone who welcomes change.  There will also be pain along this journey, because that is a part of life.  This healing that God arranged has laid a solid and firm foundation for my soul to handle those hardships.  And I believe with the strength of my Savior that he will continue to guide me through my life’s journey and along every bridge I cross.

As for change, if the God of the universe created seasons and the change that comes with it, then he is certainly into change and newness of life.  Not just being spiritually changed when one accepts Christ, but also newness of a life that is lived without fear of criticism or judgment or shame.  I was not meant to be tied up in my own pain, living as if chained in my own cell.  I have been set free in more ways than one and it’s time I embrace that.

And so now it’s time for me to build a bridge and be God’s instrument of grace and mercy.  To be used by him for His glory and allow Him to mend and heal those weary and downtrodden souls and hearts.  To take God’s hand and allow His Spirit to work in me so I can be an instrument of His to touch people in even deeper ways until their hearts and souls are bursting with life.  Then they can move onto their own path and cross their own bridges and impact the lives of others around them until generations are changed. And it all started with a bridge.

©Kimberly Balles All Rights Reserved.

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