I Am Found

I had a dream last night that two of my cats that had passed away were lost and I was looking for them.  One I found very easily and I was able to get her into one of those pet boxes for transport.  Then I went looking for our black cat, Spunky.  I was calling out her name continuously and she wasn’t coming.  I saw a black cat with kittens, but I could tell by looking at her that it wasn’t Spunky.  I moved on and called out her name loudly, quite a few times.  Suddenly, she appeared from behind a wooden fence.  Immediately I knew it was her and called her to come over.  I could tell she recognized me too.  She seemed glad to see me and trotted over to me.  She allowed me to pick her up and carry her in my arms.  That’s when I woke up.

As I reflected on the dream, I realized how similar it is to the parable of the lost sheep in the Bible.  The shepherd goes out and looks for the one lost sheep until he finds it, carries it in His arms, and returns it to the fold.  I can picture Him calling my name.  I recognize His voice and come out to see Him.  He calls me gently and I walk towards him, because I also recognize who He is.  He’s the one who takes care of me and brings me back home.

I loved those cats very much and realized tonight that my love for them does not even compare with the Father’s love for me.  I think God gave me that dream so I can experience how much He loves me and how it pains Him to not be in close relationship with Him.

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