You have to let go
Of those dreams you hold dear
So put them away,
But don’t shed a tear. 

The plans you had made
Worked hard on that’s true
But what if they were not
What I meant for you. 

But don’t be discouraged
I’ll turn it around
I’ll bring you new dreams
They’ll fit like a crown. 

You won’t be a peg
Trying to fit in a square
It is only making you
Think it’s unfair. 

It will not be easy
Don’t give up the fight
Keep looking forward
And never lose sight. 

New dreams will evolve
Experiences anew
Will delight and surprise you
Look for doors to walk through.

And when those doors open
Walk straight on through
Those new dream will happen
They're waiting for you. 

Until then my child
Lift up your head
For I am calling you to
An adventure instead. 

It’s my plan I want
For my glory to shine
You’ll have to be patient
It will all come in time. 

Stand straight and walk boldly
Into my shining light
For I have a plan
That is bigger than life.

This poem came out of some time of struggling to force a dream to be a counselor 
right now.  Right now I need to build up my skills to reach my long term
goal.  While I desire to be part of of a private practice I am aware that sometimes
our path takes a different road.  One that is unique for our own skills and 
I chose to write this from the perspective of what I think God wants for me so I 
could see what he might have in store for me.  I have been frustrated with trying 
to force this dream to happen now.  I have felt like a round peg in a square hole 
and wondered if there would ever be a good fit for me.

I need to trust that doors will open as I move through my own experiences in life.
I will be stepping forward and trusting God to guide the way.  I think the journey 
will be less complicated and it won't be such an internal struggle with God and 
myself.  I liken it to a child insisting  on their own way even though the parent 
has said "no" numerous times for their best interest.  God knows what is best and 
fighting it does not give me the peace and rest I crave in my life.

If you find yourself with a struggle similar to this, I pray you will be open 
to what God has for you.  If the God above has created the Heavens and the earth, 
I am sure he can open doors that I do not see write now and ones that are best 
suited for me.  The same holds true for you no matter your circumstance.  



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