If I am your friend then why did you say
Such hurtful words that have grieved me this way
I thought we were close how dishonest it seems
That you didn't tell me when it first came to be.

Your words were like arrows spoken without love
You moved right along as if it never was
The pain that I feel as I live on each day
Is too much to bear keeping me at bay.

Deep in my heart now a longing is sore
I shared my pain from the depths of core
I have forgiven with words, but I have much more to say
I know it will happen I just need to pray.

For now let me pick the time when it's right
Until I can say the words that I might
I fear of causing more damage than good
But I know I must say what only I could.

Whether we stay friends or not I am unsure
For now trust is broken and it seems there's no cure
I'm trusting in God to help me you see
Cause He's been the one who is guiding me.

©Kimberly Balles 2016  All Rights Reserved

I wrote from the perspective of a friend I hurt.  We had become very close, but issues on my end were surfacing and instead of discussing it with her I sent an email telling her what I was experiencing when I was with her.  She of course had taken it hard.  We have since met and it seems to be resolved, but I fear the pain is still there.  I am sure our relationship will look different from hear on out, but she still wants to be friends and does not seem to be holding a grudge.  I am grateful for her willingness to meet with me and discuss her hurts as well as allowing me to express my feelings about it.

3 thoughts on “Friend

  1. I admire your bravery. This poem sums it up for me from a friendship that was shattered after 8 years of being together. One encounter changed everything. She expressed her true feelings and how much she “tolerated” being around me and it was too much hurt to bear. So sad when that happens. Blessings on your reconciliation.

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