Beacons of Life

Why Beacons of Life?  I love lighthouses, because they are a beacon of light to a ship to warn of impending danger and an aid in navigating ships to the harbor.*  They shine a large beacon of light out on the waters providing ships with the assistance they need to get home safely.  In addition, lighthouses are built to withstand all kinds of weather.  They can be made of “stone, brick, concrete, mortar, wood, steel, cast iron, and tabby (a mix of shells, lime, and sand water”. *

As the lighthouse shines it provides a life saving aid.  Your life is meant to be lived fully with all the gusto you can muster.  There are times I choose to live my life small, because it is safer, but it is also very lonely.  I need a lighthouse beacon to light the way so I can live an abundant life.  My hope is that I will be someone who is able to regularly be a beacon of life to those who need guidance throughout the storms in their lives.

I have the talents and skills to do it from education and from my own personal growth.  So how do you navigate the storms in your life?  Who are your lighthouses that protect and guide you?  Who will be your beacon?  My challenge to you is to look into the people who are in your life and find a safe person you can talk to so you can get the help you need when life hits you hard as it does with each and every one of us.  I take up the challenge, will you?  Locate your beacon so it can shine the way in your life.

*Fact Monster.com

©Kimberly Balles 2016  All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “Entries

  1. We can live our lives ‘small’ or ‘fully.’ Indeed. Better to go for ‘gusto’ than to be safe, but lonely. So true! And difficult when we’ve been trained and warned to be good girls. Beacon of Life is a wonderful lighthouse image for you and for your life. There’s nothing bashful about beacons! 🙂


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