It weaves and it curves its way through our soul
Comes wrapped in disguise as a mask to our hole
The hole is a pain buried deep in our being
Leaving wounds that are open, gashed, and bleeding.

We bandage the pain
But it opens again
Causing ripples of dread
And fear in our head.

We block all connection
To avoid all the strife
And if we are honest
We want a new life.

We're lost and we're scared
Feeling so very alone
Not realizing God cares
And calls us his own.

Our minds they know that we are his child
But shame has us believe we aren't worthwhile
If only our heart and our soul would believe
We could trust him to give us all that we need. 

For he has experienced our pain and our shame
Bearing the cross and enduring the blame
The cross it gave us new life again
Breaking the shame placed on our head. 

The risk we must take
Is to let go of shame
For it only keeps us
Trapped in our pain. 

We have a choice
To speak out our voice
Only then will shame lose its power
Resulting in us budding like a flower.

The growth it will happen
And awaken our soul
We'll realize we're free
And God has made us whole.

So let's commit to give up the shame
And continue the process by grieving the pain
For freedom from pain is part of the goal
And life lived abundantly brings joy to the soul.

©Kimberly Balles 2016 All Rights Reserved

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