The Garden


Many years ago, I was riding my bike by a pond we have in our town.  It is a very peaceful area with ducks, geese, benches in various spots, and a water fountain in the middle.  As I was riding towards one area of the pond I spotted a Heron.  He was standing very stately, as if he was king.  I continued down the bike path and after riding through some neighborhoods circle back to the pond to head back home.  The bird was still there looking around as before.

As I was leaving the pond I felt a strong prompting to go and sit by the waterfall.  This area is very secluded, set apart, and the waterfall leads into the pond.  There are a couple of black metal square tables with benches on each side of the table.  The water was flowing over the stone slabs and provided a quiet and peaceful place.

I sat down and just took in the quiet, watching the waterfall.  As I looked around, I wondered if the garden where Jesus frequently prayed was somewhat like this.  My eyes were drawn to the trees around this area.  As I looked at the tree, I imagined the quiet of the garden, that was a place of peace and tranquility, being interrupted by Judas and the soldiers coming to arrest him.  The noise of the soldiers suddenly clashing into the night sounds of the garden.  I thought of his walk to Golgatha and the cross he bore with scars on his back.  I wondered how he could have endured such a painful death.

This is when God let me know how much he loved me and that I don’t have to perform or do anything to get him to love me more.  If I never did anything else in my life, he would still love me.  A few tears rolled down my cheeks as I sat there absorbing those thoughts and taking in the quiet of this place.  There I confessed so many ways I had sinned and let him down, while in the background the sound of the waterfall provided the very setting that God knew I needed to draw close to Him.  As the water sparkled over the stone slabs I thought of the water of eternal life, where I won’t thirst again.

As much as I wanted to stay there, I knew I needed to get back home.  I took one last look at the Heron, who was still surveying the water from the same spot he had been before and just admired his ability to stand so proud and tall.  When I think of that place, I am reminded of what occurred in those moments and I am so grateful that I followed God’s prompting to take some moments to quiet my soul.

©Kimberly Balles 2016 All Rights Reserved


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