Jesus in All of It

beauty girl cry

So many things scattered in my mind,
Making clarity difficult to find
Give me assurance and guidance today
Help me along life’s difficult way.

You are my rock, the strength that I need,
You are the source of life I will heed
When wrestling with decisions causes me grief,
For change, it is hard and difficult to see.

Your wisdom in all of it, to know your great plan,
I will not see until I’m at your right hand
With Jesus beside with eyes of such love
You’re my child and I love you, I’ve seen from above. 

The work you have done to grow and to change,
Now rest here beside me, and then praise my sweet name
For I love hearing you, the songs you can sing
It's music to me, gives me joy, a most natural thing.

I’m on this earth in a fallen world
Where your plan for me was paused by a fury unfurled
So give me the wisdom and insight for now
Help me to rest right here with you now.

©Kimberly Balles  2008 All Rights Reserved

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