Baby Girl

As a baby you’ll hold her close to your chest
And love her so dearly you’ll wish her the best.
Toddling and preschool she’ll venture away
But you will go find her and see her at play.

She’ll want to be carried and be by your side
So picking her up you’ll give her a ride,
Above all the people, the noise, and the crowd
Your arms will bring safety, so don’t let her down.

She’ll want to play dress up, wear makeup, and stuff
Dollhouses too, will keep her busy enough.
Drawing and coloring will bring her such fun
She’ll want you to join her so don’t go and run.  

School will bring her adventure and friends
The sleepovers it seems they never will end.
As she grows up the phone is her friend
Girls and boys will be her focus then.

Curves and hormones will change her anew
Individuation then is part of it too.
Boys will call and ask for a date
She’ll be so excited and won’t want to wait. 

Popularity will be her desire then
Maturity and wisdom will come in the end.
Someday she’ll marry and need your advice
Listening then is what you’ll provide.

Babies may come, a grandma you’ll be
You’ll hold them close and think fondly
Of days when you held her close to your side
And then great grand-babies to join in the ride.

Let her go and have her own life
God’s love will sustain her throughout all the strife.
For he has her close in the palm of his hand
Nothing will happen that’s not in His plan.

©Kimberly S. Balles 2006 All Rights Reserved

I wrote this for a friend who was having a baby shower.  It had been difficult 
relational circumstances.  So just hours before leaving for the baby shower I 
wrote this poem.  I knew it would touch her heart.  I keep in touch with her
now and then.  I her pictures of her daughter on Facebook and that is so cool.
Then I think of this poem and am reminded of that gift.  She was in tears as were 
many people there.  I never realized it would touch other people too.

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