The iridescent glow from the candle flickers about the room, drawing the eye to its center.  Like the candle that flickers due to the changes in how the wick burns, Jesus also seeks and searches for the dark places that need light.  After time though, the candle will be extinguished and forgotten.  How similar we can treat Jesus as we do a candle.  We snuff out the candle in our hearts and soul and walk away.  If we do not light the candle and allow him to shine his light in those dark places we keep hidden, our hearts will become hardened like the wax in the candle and like the wick our hearts become burnt and cold.  Without a match to spark the wick, the candle cannot burn and likewise we cannot burn without allowing our candle to be lit.  We cannot shine and radiate God’s love so that others can experience the flame within us.  Without a match a candle cannot be lit and burn for all to see and without allowing Jesus to soften our hearts by igniting a flame within us, we cannot begin to shine and radiate God’s love so that others can experience His love and mercy.  By allowing Jesus to light the flame our hearts soften and we radiate His love.  It comes at a price and we must allow Jesus to shine his light into our dark places.  Only then can we burn for him with a holy passion and fire within our soul.

©Kimberly Balles 2016 All Rights Reserved


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