Baby Boy

As a baby you will hold him close to your chest
And love him so dearly you’ll wish him the best.
Toddling and preschool he’ll venture away
But you will go find him and see him at play.
He’ll want to be carried and be by your side
So picking him up you’ll give him a ride,
Above all the people, the noise, and the crowd
Your arms will bring safety, so don’t let him down.
He’ll be rough and tumble and dig in the dirt 
And skinned knees will happen and cause him to hurt
You’ll wipe away tears and clean up the sore
And off he’ll go running to only get more.    
School will bring him challenges and friends,
But he’ll be a fighter and go to the end.
Competition is part of being a man,
Sports and clubs will bring him the plans.
Hormones will change his voice and physique
Soon girls will be thinking he really is neat.
He’ll spend time in his room with the door closed tight

And when it is open it will give you a fright.
You’ll sense he is changing and pulling away
And you’ll wonder what you did to make it that way.
Don’t fret; he is only doing what he can
To separate is part of God’s big plan.
One day to home a girl he will bring,
You’ll greet her so kindly and keep smiling
Biting your tongue, you’ll get used to that,
But when it’s important speak truth to that.
You’ve raised him well and now he must go
To pursue what God has been bringing him too.
No matter how far or close he will be,
He’ll always be your little baby.
Grandchildren will come and fly to your arms
To visit Grandma has its own charm.
It will remind you of days that have gone fleetingly by,
And bring back the memories that never run dry.
Let him go and have his own life
God’s love will sustain him throughout all the strife.
For He has him close in the palm of His hand
Nothing will happen that’s not all been planned.

©Kimberly S. Balles 2006 All Rights Reserved 

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