The Painting

I couldn’t paint you a picture of what the painting meant to me.
Nor could I write you a sonnet with a wondrous melody.
I couldn’t write down my feelings just so you could know.
There isn’t time to truly explain what only God could know.

The timing, it was perfect and part of His big plan.
For only He could know the feelings I would have.
Of how I have struggled to really understand,
Why He let things happen and didn’t lend a hand.

Was He always there despite the tragedy?
Did He even care what really happened to me?
The painting shows me, how much He really cares
That even in the small things, He is always there.

To make something tragic into a beauty to behold
And give me insight into how much He loves me so.
You see I needed to visually see
The need inside of me

And so I thank you from the bottom of my heart
For trusting God and doing your part.
Thanks for giving me such a glorious gift,
The painting you have worked on it really, truly fits.

Kimberly Balles 2002  All Rights Reserved

My husband had asked a friend of his to paint a picture for me.  The painter normally paints nature so painting people was a challenge for him and he had to take some classes to learn it.  In the process of him learning how to paint people and as he trusted God to show him, I was going through my own experiences and the most recent before I received the painting was when our first cat passed away.  She was very dear to me and so my husband had asked him to include our cat in the painting.  The painting depicts a woman holding a cat and Jesus sitting next to her reaching toward her with his hand cupped as if to say he cared.  He is looking at her with tender compassion.  You see God cares even in the small things.  The painter used a picture from her last day of life and when I first saw it I wept.  It was as if God himself had touched my soul and showed me that he cared.  I was amazed at the amount of detail in the painting and surprised that he had to learn how to paint people.  I will forever be grateful to Jeff for his time and effort to paint the painting.


2 thoughts on “The Painting

  1. Losing a pet is one of life’s most difficult challenges. For me, it sometimes seems to contain all the grief for all the losses I’ve ever had. Your husband’s painter friend has given you a treasure. Thanks for sharing the story!

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