A Place

Is there a place to feel

To laugh, cry, shout for joy?

A place to be safe,

Stop hiding,



A place to learn,

To love,


And grow?

There is such a place!

Where Tears,




And Joy abound

Reflected on the faces of those  who have found

Stories and wounds carried deep in their hearts

Keeping them from feeling a part

Of life that’s worth living

Finding wholeness and healing.

Exposing defenses meant to protect

Teaching them how instead to detect

The truth that needs to replace all the lies

Providing relief and help for their lives

The hurts they are healed

Casting ripples to others as their truth is revealed

Forever impacting their future and all

Bringing healing to others beyond all these walls.

© Kimberly Balles 2007  Revised 2016 All Rights Reserved

This poem came out of my experience in group therapy.  The group became a container where we could feel and be real.  I learned that I have a lot of strength.  I also learned the places where I have blind spots.  People there showed me those areas that I needed to work on.  If they did not care they would not have said anything, but they did and for that I am forever grateful to each and every person that was part of my own healing journey.  It was my gift to one of the members when they left, but it was also my gift to the therapist that ran the center.  Sadly, he passed away almost a year ago and I miss him deeply.  He played a pivotal role in my healing journey.  Much of what I learned to be a therapist I learned by observing him.  I look forward to seeing him in Heaven where we can rejoice together.



2 thoughts on “A Place

  1. Very nice! I like this poem, and knowing the background of it is nice, but the poem itself is an excellent description of what real community is–what the Body of Christ should be. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll have a need to reference this post in one of my own!


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