Myoclonic Seizure Symptoms

“You have Epilepsy.” Those three words changed my life at the age of 15. I did not understand it or know what the triggers were that could preempt a seizure. Obtaining information during that time in my life was not the same as it is today. I had to rely on doctors to educate me and give me the right medications.

I have not had a Grand Mal Seizure since my son was a baby, but I have had these jerking symptoms. What I learned with research is that these symptoms are called Myoclonic Seizures. I feel it in my body or my hands, my feet, or my whole body may jerk causing me to drop something or fall down. It is unsettling and embarrassing to have them happen. My body moves without my own ability to control it. They are occurring more than they used to so my neurologist is having me take some tests to see what is causing it.

On Tuesday, I experienced four small ones, one during the day and three in the evening. I had a late lunch and a lot of sugar in the evening. I started to wonder if that was a possible factor and so I conducted a little research. The John Hopkins Health Library http://www.hopkinsmedicine states that seizures can be triggered by low or high blood sugar levels. It was a relief to read that, because I had been trying to figure what could be causing this. It also means I can do something about it.

Epilepsy has many different triggers, such as sleep deprivation, caffeine, alcohol, stress, and not eating well. Everyone is different and narrowing down the causes helps me to identify what steps need to be taken to reduce the probability of having any kind of seizure. It is a continuous learning process for me and my doctor.

No matter the disease you have, do your own research, because you are the expert of your own body. Doctors are not with you everyday and they do not have the time to do the research on everything. Informing them of what you learned and being honest about your symptoms goes a long way to an effective treatment plan.

Wear purple on March 26, because it is Epilepsy Awareness Day.

Blessings,Proud Epilepsy Fighter


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Immersion or Addiction

Ever since I set up a blog through Word Press, I find myself checking it constantly and writing a blog for the daily word prompt. I have been challenged by someone that it is an addiction and in fact any screen time can be an addiction. It numbs my feelings and I avoid tasks that need to be done. It also keeps me from spending time in relationships with other people.

I have to confess that for me it is an addiction. When I am writing a blog, I am quite immersed in it and the same is true for other types of screen time. I ignore my relationships and responsibilities, which leads to guilt and sometimes shame. That leads to more screen time, because I don’t like those feelings.

How about you? Do you think screen time is a form of addition? Are you so immersed in it that you neglect relationships and responsibilities? What steps do you need to take to keep your life in balance. Think about it. It may change how you do life.


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Flight of Starlings (Murmuration)

They spin and they twirl
The Starlings in flight
It’s a beauty and wonder
Such a dazzling sight

Their dance in the sky
Creates such a stir
How do they do it?
It seems so obscure

The wind and the noise
From their acrobatic flight
Is called a murmuration
Oh, what a delight

To watch it, you’d think
They were doing it for you
But alas they are only doing
What Starlings were made to do


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Vivid Memory

When I woke up this morning and after moving around a little bit I recalled part of the dream I had. I was in our church and the last song that I recall we were singing was Great is thy faithfulness. I learned that song growing up in a Christian Reformed Church.  So when I woke up and had that song in my mind, it reminded me of those days.

When I sing that song in my church now, I am also reminded of the foundation of my faith and how what I was taught growing up is ingrained in me. There were many things as a child I did not like as part of the service, but the singing was my favorite. I recall vividly how our pastor sang during the message sometimes. I would not be paying attention as is normal for most children, but when he sang, I would look up and bask in hearing him sing. I still have my Psalter Hymnal from those years from when I made my Profession of Faith.

In order to make my Profession of Faith, I had to attend a Catechism class and then go before the Elders and be able to answer questions from the book in that class. I did not really know the answers well, so after one person would say his answer, I reiterated what he said. He did not like that and told me so afterwards. I was embarrassed and felt ashamed as I knew he was right. Unfortunately that left me with feelings of doubt about my own faith and always the need to get the “right” answer. This not only happens in my faith, but also anytime I am going to have to answer a question. If I get the right answer I can relax and if I don’t I feel embarrassed about it.

Writing this last paragraph was an insight for me in why I struggle when I have to talk about my faith or be interviewed by someone, because I am afraid of being found out that I am a fraud. My question to myself is “If I don’t get the “right answer” does that really mean I am a fraud?” I say no! It just means there is something there that was in the remote recesses of my mind that has just been brought to light now and I can do something about it. That in itself is very freeing.


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Treasure or Parlay

Now I know why
A keeper she is
For the depression era
Is what she lived in

Saving then
Was important to them
Bath water was used
Again and again

We all think its clutter
It bothers us so
But for her it brings comfort
Making her feel whole

She sees beauty where I
Get distracted instead
Each piece is a treasure
Bound up in her head

They are a reminder
Of a moment in time
When it was a gift
Or purchased on a dime

So when I go there
To help in some way
I look past the clutter
Because for now she’s okay

Someday we will have to
Parlay it away
A treasure it will be
For someone else on that day

For now she’s our treasure
A mom who is loved
We are thankful each day
To the God up above


©Kimberly Balles 2017 All Rights Reserved.


Rebecca awoke with a start when she heard a commotion downstairs. Her heart started pounding in her chest. Whoever it was seemed to not be concerned about being quiet. She grabbed her phone and ran to her closet opening and closing the door quietly.

With hands trembling she dialed 911 and heard the dispatcher ask what her emergency was.  In a soft voice, she informed the dispatcher that someone was in her home.  The dispatcher asked for her address and Rebecca conveyed that to her. “Police are on the way” she told Rebecca. “Stay on the line until I know you are safe.”

“Okay, I will, but tell them to hurry please.”

Shortly, she heard heavy footsteps climbing the stairs. Whispering a silent prayer she pushed herself back further into the closet and ducked down beneath her long pants hanging in the closet to hide.

The bedroom door opened and she held her breath praying whoever it was would not find her. “Rebecca”, he called out, “Where are you?  You can’t hide from me.” The very thing she feared had come true, her ex-husband had found her and broken the order of protection that she had on him. Her desire to escape was so strong now, but she stayed put. The closet door swung open and she held her breath, fearing he might hear it.

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Mistaken Identity

Her steps quickened at the sound of footsteps behind her. It was just a matter of time before he caught up with her. Yet his pace seemed to increase. She started to run, but still heard the sound of his boots hitting the wood planks that stretched out in front of her. He was drawing closer to her. What would she do if he caught up to her? How long could she run, before her feet hurt. She was wearing heels and they were taking a toll on her feet as she increased her speed. Turning to look at him, she saw he was only a few feet away. Who was this man chasing her and why? The darkness of the night prevented her from seeing him.

Her destination was a half mile away. If she could increase her speed she may be able to make it to the meeting point in time. Wearing a dress from the 1800’s as beautiful as it was slowed her down. She never expected someone to be chasing her. What would he do if he caught up? Would her friends see her or would the darkness make it difficult for them. She heard him closer now, so she picked up her pace, running as fast as her feet could take her, knowing that if she did not he might…no she would not think about that now.

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