This poem has been sitting in my drafts for the word prompt pink. Perhaps I might have already contributed and do not recall. Since I had put the time and effort into it, I wanted to share it with you all.

Pink its bold and bright
Prouder than any other
It seems to say to me
Please look my way and wonder

I’m one of many colors
But my colors have varied hues
You’ll see me in many places
Giving a different point of view

I am seen in many flowers
Tulips and rhododendrons to name a few
Strawberry ice cream and shakes
Sweeter than honeydew

Pink for baby girls
Tucked in snuggled cribs
Wrapped tightly in a blanket
All comfortable and fed

Ribbons, bracelets, earrings
Accents women adore
Scarves around their neck
Displaying colors for sure

For now I’ll enjoy the beauty
Of many colors too
But strikingly I find
Pink is my favorite hue

©Kimberly Balles 2017

via Daily Prompt: Pink

Forgotten Dreams

She had a dream unrealized
Forgotten in the wind
Belief she was not smart
Left pain and grief within

No catapult to move her
Nor encouragement to know
Instead she left behind
Her dreams she did let go

Now she’s aged and forgetful
Confusion clouds her mind
Sleep is her constant way
She has chosen to survive

But alas she needs to know
That as long as she has breath
She can have a purpose
And not live her life in death

With prayer and trust in God
A new life may begin
Leaning on His promises
Will give her new life again

©Kimberly Balles 2017

via Daily Prompt: Catapult

Share Your World

This is a challenge from Cee’s Share Your World, which occurs every Monday.  It is simply sharing a few interesting things about yourself. To learn more about it, you can click here .

What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?

I would like to see London and the Netherlands. I am 100% Dutch and my grandfather came to America from the Netherlands when he was four years old. I think London would be beautiful to see all the different sites there.

How often do you get a haircut?

It depends on whether I want to let it grow out or keep it shorter. Normally every four to six months.

In regards to puzzle what’s your choice: jigsaw, crossword, word search or numeric puzzles?

Jigsaw puzzles are my favorite, but I do like the others too, but put those options out there in front of me and I’d grab that Jigsaw puzzle, but it has to be a good one though.

How many cities have you lived? You can share the number of physical residences and/or the number of cities.

As far as I know 12 different residences, but technically about six cities.

Optional Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Purchasing used end tables for our family room and realizing they look better than I thought they would.

Yarn Mitten Tree

I saw this at First Reformed Church in Holland, MI Sunday evening. I took pictures and am using it as a visual for the poem I wrote.

This is some yarn
To add to the tree
A hat or a mitten
For people in need

Please pick a pattern
Or choose your own
Either way
It’s your choice you know 

Then bring them on in
To the basket below
We’ll make a mitten tree
In December to show

Kimberly Balles 2017


cold and dreary day
take my misery away
pot on the stove
soup cannot be cold

longing for right now
a storybook somehow
nothing sad to read
something enlightening

and nothing is better than
reading with a soft blanket on
a cup of tea nearby
a sip or two at a time

and as the evening ends
the eyelids they will bend
yawns will soon ensue
reminding me it’s bedtime soon

in preparing for the night
the blanket feels just right
feeling as soft as sheep
while I drift into sleep

©Kimberly Balles 2017 All Rights Reserved.

via Daily Prompt: Blanket

Roots Go Deep

Roots go deep
Whether weeds or blooms
Reaching to heights
Beyond the blue

Of bright blue skies
And rainy days
Gray clouds are on
The horizon’s ways

And like the roots
Of each earth plant
Our souls cling to
God’s precious hand

For life it throws us
Curves and balls
Leaving us wounded
Rising from falls

But someday He will
Wipe each tear
And in heaven
We’ll have no fear

via Daily Prompt: Roots